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Carbon Farming Services

Carbon is an essential building block of life on Earth. In an agricultural system, carbon is stored in both live biomass (plants and animals) and soil. Because these systems are constantly changing, from day to day as well as over years and decades, accounting for the carbon stored or released over any time period is a challenge. All farms in New Zealand have opportunities to manage carbon in a way that maximises any benefits and reduces the impact of any liabilities.

Our role in agriculture is to carry out a budget of how much carbon your farming system is gaining and losing and then look at how to increase the gains and drive down the losses (emissions). For example, many farms include large or small areas that are well-suited to growing forests or allowing bush to regenerate - in gullies, steep faces, inaccessible areas or in areas affected by erosion. These areas can store carbon and thus offset emissions from livestock or energy use. We can also advise on using technology, such as solar hot water heating, micro-hydro systems and bio-gas capture to reduce energy use at the same time as reducing emissions.

Our aim is to develop a plan of action on carbon early and then move quickly to minimise the impact of carbon costs (directly, through the Emissions Trading Scheme, or indirectly, via consumer pressure) on your business. Contact us now to get started on putting carbon to work for your business - you will be surprised at how positive carbon could be for your farm.

Farm carbon balance

Accurate assessment of the carbon balance of your farming business is the first step toward knowing how, and when, to respond to the Emissions Trading Scheme. We provide a comprehensive overview of what your carbon positives and liabilities are likely to be, how the Emissions Trading Scheme works, and help to design an effective strategy to manage your carbon budget.

If you are interested in going 'carbon neutral', ask us for an independent carbon balance assessment. We can help identify opportunities within your existing business to grow carbon as well as look at creative ways to reduce emissions.