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Carbon Trading

Carbon Farm Limited trades New Zealand Kyoto-compliant carbon credits in all volumes. These credits are sourced from high-quality forest sink projects in New Zealand and are issued and verified by the New Zealand Government.

We supply New Zealand Units (NZU) which can be surrended to meet liabilities under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme, and U.N-compliant Assigned Amount Units (AAU), which can be used to offset liabilities under the Kyoto Protocol in New Zealand or internationally. NZUs can be exchanged one-for-one for AAUs if desired to trade credits internationally (subject to New Zealand's Commitment Period Reserve).

In addition to supplying carbon credits, we can give buyers access to client project profiles - the unique imagery and stories that underpin our carbon credits. If you are interested in buying carbon credits to offset business or personal emissions or for investment in any volume from Carbon Farm Limited please contact us.