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Carbon Farm - Your partner in the carbon economy

Because of its importance to climate change, carbon is rapidly becoming one of the key commodities of the 21st century. Carbon farming allows New Zealand land and forest owners to access this growing export market at low cost without impact on their existing farming and forestry business - profiting from the export of fresh air. We provide the advice and support you need to grow carbon and take it to market.

We help New Zealanders put the carbon economy to work for them. Your property might be eligible for credits right now. If you have land that was farmed in 1990 and is now regenerating bush or forest, you should be banking carbon credits. If you have forest that was planted before 1990 and you have changed land use or are looking at your options for land use after harvest, we can provide advice on how to manage carbon through and after harvest. Contact us now to get started on putting carbon to work for your business.